Updated Map of Dar’aa

Here is my map of Dar’aa. As you can see, the city of Bosra; which is very close to Sweida and Jordan is the imperative battle. If the SAA liberates this town and the East Ghouta – the siege if Dar’aa will begin.


Updated Map of Dar'aa by

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  1. I'm a little mad at whoever is in charge of the Daraa district right now(Assad's brother in law?)
    Anyways, the border crossing is a crucial strategic point of control and the terrorists overran it back in what? Sep? Oct? And JUST NOW they are doing something about it?
    If whomever is in control of Daraa district would've plugged the hole immediately, then the problems we have in the countryside would be non-existent...

    • Well, I see no way SAA can now secure borders with Jordan, Tukey, Lebanon to make them impenetrable. Even if SAA could control all (official) border crossings with Jordan, rats could cross border beyond them. It is somehow different with Syria-Lebanon borders, which are far less passable due to mountains and they are obviously priority for SAA, as they are gate for rats trying to infiltrate Damascus and Homs.

    • Dr. Assad has only one sister: Bushra. Her husband, Maj. Gen. Assef Shawkat, was killed along with 3 other generals in the famous bombing of July 18, 2012. There is no one person in charge of Der'ah. The security service most responsible for monitoring events is Political Security headed by Maj. Gen. Rustum Ghazali, who is himself from Der'ah. Various forces are used here, including Republican Guards and 4th Mechanized Armored Division. The situation here is actually better than you think. Ziad

  2. A bite mark ?

    "Deflect" magic skill

    Ziad has a new girlfriend...It's official..


    • I enjoyed watching Talal Ismail of the Al-Farouq Brigade taking it on the skull. So sad. I even loved the Wile E. Coyote Moment in the second tape. But the third just shows you the quality of the forces arrayed against us. If you want to know how to get out of the Third World, you have to eradicate the garbage. Thanks, Ziad

  3. As usual, thanks for the updates Ziad.

    A few short articles but worth to read:
    Jihadists in charge of crowd control in Kiev protests:

    Canadian prime minister Harper: Israel will always have Canada:


    • Harper is an evangelical fundie Christian. He's gotten better at hiding it since the 1990s, but that his Minister of Science and Technology is a full-blown creationist should tell you all you need to know (and also that under Harper, government scientists are no longer allowed to publicly publish any of their research or even talk about it).

      In line with his church, Harper believes that supporting Israel is necessary for the Rapture. That's why he flushed the decades of respect that Canada had built up as a peacemaker down the drain as soon as he got into power. If Canada alienated everyone in the world except for Israel, I somehow think it wouldn't phase him.

      We really need to get a leader from the French-speaking part of Canada back into power again as soon as possible. Quebecers were in charge for most of the post-WW2 period, not these cowboys that run the show now. If any Quebecer gets back into power, you'll see Canada's foreign policy shift again, mark my words.

    • Trotsky got what he deserved in Mexico. Thanks to Uncle Joe. Harper appears increasingly inane as he continues to promote policies most Canadians find awkward. It is a disgrace however to have a leader who exhibits no sense of shame. Ziad

    • I'd sooner see my pet dog in charge than another chretien. Also, I've never known Harper to be a bible thumper - atleast not from anything one of his former paramour's in calgary I met told me. An Asshole? Absolutely.


    • Harper doesn't thump Bibles. He holds many of the same beliefs as the Bible-thumpers, but he keeps it quiet and advances his agenda slowly, in ways that are not immediately seen. We're like frogs in a pot that's very slowly coming to boil. The secret to his success is that he portrays himself as the most boring person in the room, which appeals to Canadians, because Canadians tend to equate "boring" with "competent".

      As for Chretien, he kept Canada out of Iraq, didn't he? He was there when it counted. I cannot imagine any Anglophone politician making that decision - the English part of Canada gets too easily swept up in the mass hysterias that seize our American neighbours.

    • It is typical of these savages that they would take these kinds of hostages. Frankly, these nuns can go up in smoke as martyrs for all I care. The SAA must not bend. Like Stalin, when his son was taken prisoner by the Wehrmacht, the SAA must tell the rats to go fish. It's not going to change the outcome of the battle. Fiat justitia ruat caelum. And if they kill the nuns, just imagine the effect on world opinion. Ziad

    • I agree Ziad, sad as it is the SAA must not give in to this type of blackmail otherwise nuns would be going missing faster than the terrorist rats are dying.

      And yes, if the nuns were killed it would heap even more pressure on western governments to stop assisting the 'good' rebels? What a joke that is, just shows what a shambles foreign policy is in the US UK and France.

      Best wishes to Syria and SAA


  4. i agree with memad max, the boarder areas between Jordan and Syria must be secure. I would reckon that most of the terrorists, arms and munitions in Dar'aa pass through the Jordanian boarder into Syria, with the full blessing of Jordan's Abdullah the renowned mason and Zionist lover and sympathizer.

    it is well know that the terrorists are being trained in Jordan and armed by BBS(bandar bin satan) and the CIA under the supervision of Abdullah the traitor. Abdullah is just as responsible as erdogan for all the blood in Syria and they all must pay a heavy price.

    I have included for your enjoyment erdogan getting throw off what I presume to be an Arabian horse, enjoy.


    all the best to the online warrior Ziad and our honorable people of Syria

    • It is clear my readers do not look at my posts thoroughly. The tape of Erdoghan getting dumped by an Arabian steed was in yesterday's DUDLEY DO RIGHT MOMENT. In any case, Abdullah's treason is there for all to see. This vicious Hashemite wretch is going back to his native England soon enough with the billions of ill-gotten gains his family has amassed. Let's hope he doesn't get that far. Ziad


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