Face Book Fascists Have Shut Down Syrian Perspective

In a ‘Global Government’ crack down on Syrian social media activists, Syrian Perspectives was shut down for posting images of the Adra massacre! It was shut down without appeal so please join https://www.facebook.com/SyrianPerspective2
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    • Maybe they closed down Ziad because I wrote the links where he says Obama's the Antichrist. they're afraid of the Apocalypse. Breaking because Ziad brings in a motley gorup of warriors from the whole world even Asia who are announcing the revelation about Satan Obama.
      In the midst of this fight and death I'm going to address a topic which will make you howl. All you demons will complain that you want to talk about fighting and killing and that's all. But you don't know that this battle is prophesied in the Bible and Ziad says so. Check it out.

      I've been holding a conversation with Ziad since about eight months now and it's on-going during the dust and furor of the battlefield.

      In a recent article four days ago, Ziad said that Obama was the Antichrist.


      He said: "TO KILL ALL TERRORISTS IN THIS TOWN. These are Obama's heroes. These are Cameron's freedom fighters. May the president of the United States, the Antichrist himself, burn in Hell for his unprincipled and pitiless support for raging terrorist cannibals like these."
      I called him out on his frequent usage of the name of Antichrist for Obama but Ziad slithered his way through it, by again flip-flopping two days ago and saying he doesn't say Obama's the Antichrist and that's it's “just a manner of speech”.

      But, I'm holding Ziad to his speech now, because it's not the first time he's said Obama's the Antichrist and he made a whole article clearly stating what he thinks. He says Obama's the Antichrist.... see below. I already requested him to say it openly, back in September, and he made an article openly calling Obama the Antichrist (see the comments between him and me in this article). Here's the first article; Ziad very often uses the name of Antichrist for Obama in many articles as you can see here....:




    • cont....

      Obama’s minions are well-known: ....Susan Rice, African half-breed like the Antichrist himself....

      ....the Rothschilds – .... bring about the rise of Satan, their King!...

      Here, in [Syria], the Antichrist will feign insult and outrage, he will exhort the innocent to war and lay waste to everything which is holy to the people of the world...

      Oh, the prices of oil will crush the will to drive, transport or move. The West will grind to a halt amid a new Ice Age. The West will seek haven in the darkness of this Antichrist’s inevitable promises. But he is the Prince of Lies and they will be availed not but with the promise of their own enslavement over a tundra of permafrost. Their entreaties will not be heard. Just as the Western media appear blind to the evolution of this monstrous event, so too shall the people of the West feel the weight of their own ignorance as they are crushed by the mountains of ice. ....

      It is only through the manipulation of man that the Devil can arise to his throne atop an earth denuded of everything human and devoid of all things but the droppings of flies. For that is the mission of Barack Obama..."

      Ziad also said the same in another article:


      Look at Ziad's title:


      Read the comments of the first article above. You're all in on this because all you commentators posted there and read Ziad make that big "Antichrist article". You can't ignore that Ziad's saying Obama's the Antichrist. Don't hide your eyes. You can't say you didn't know at the time and that you still don't know it today. Spread the news that Obama is the Ultimate Evil On Earth.

      You'll be saved in heaven if you spread this news worldwide everywhere even in China, because you'll be a Messenger of the Apocalypse. Don't be cowards and rise to the mission bestowed upon you. Your chance is now.

      Miss this and you'll burn eternally. In the Bible it says the Apocalypse comes suddenly and there’s no second chance to seize your luck. “It comes like lightning”. (Bible)
      I'm very happy Ziad has made this effort in the midst of battle and relies now upon heaven and now no longer on human weapons but instead upon heaven's weapon of TRUTH and of REVELATION OF Obama the Devil aka Antichrist himself. Surrender and give yourselves up to heaven. Like Ziad.

    • You people know all about the articles Ziad wrote which I quoted here.

      What do you people say we all go and bust Obama?

      Let's edit Wikipedia and bust Obama there.

      On example is the page about Obamacare. It's all full of BS and praise and worship of the Antichrist Obama, seeing Obamacre is his "signature most singificant achievement". But there's not even a word about Obamacare being a train wreck. Let's edit and blast Obama. I made an article about it and hope Wikipedia's being edited by my firends right now. If we can edit it I'll spread articles about it. Obama'll fall tonight if we can gain the upper hand on Wikipedia and call him out in it.


    • You think the Antichrist is not important?

      It's the most important item in the Bible.

      After the Antichrist nothing more exists the whole world resorbs into itself. Evil is absorbed into goodness. If you ignore the essence of the world you're a fool.

      Obama is Satan. Save your soul. Or be damned for all eternity.

      Choose your side. Good or evil.

    • @ Geir....can you please stop spamming this site...and keep your crappy propaganda on that other crappy site where you belong...?!?!

      You made your point, and no, nobody is going to help you to get the "antichrist" out of his office, because nobody gives a rats ass concerning your made up bullshit.

      PS. can a moderator please ban this fool?

      I guess for once you have to do it yourself iso. playing the keyboard knight you can only be and are.

      Get out, get some fresh air, and please leave us the hell alone!

    • I'm really sorry Anonymous coward.

      I regret quoting Ziad's articels where ZIAD SAYS OBAMA IS THE ANTICHRIST.

      I'm sorry you can't stand ZIAD SAYING OBAMA IS THE ANTICHRIST.

      I suggest you go to some website where you'll not see ZIAD'S ARTICLES.

      Maybe go to a Saudi Wahhabist website.

      You loser.

      I bet you don't like the snow in Syria. A heavenly sign to help the Assad Army. You Wahhabists don't like cold weather.

      Keep your anonymous coward alias. I like that. It's good to see a coward.

    • Actually GeirSmith, I'm the one who said for you to focus on more important things.
      I apologize, I shouldn't have said that.
      I think you are actually on the right track and have recognized Obama as the evil he truly is.
      Just remember, behind all of the politicians, there is a Zionist banker, and behind him, there is Satan himself.

    • I like Jews. You guys will kill kill till you've killed everybody. You think killing people is the way to solve things?

      We'd all be Jews if Christians and Muslims hadn't wiped them out.

      I'm Buddhist and don't like elite people who say they're the chosen race so even if I like Jews I say they're not the chosen race. Being the chosen race is evil.

      Christians saying they're the chosen peiople is wrong. Muslims saying they're the chosen people is wrong. Jews saying they're the chosen people is wrong. Buddhists don't say they're the chosen people they say they have the right path. Hindus have a caste system and they say the highest caste are the sole chosen people. Hindus are animals.

      The real enemy is Islam. Islam is the worst thing existing in the world look at Syria. Who's making all the trouble?

      It's Muslims killing each other.

      95% of all wars in the world even in China involve Muslims.

      Is we can ban Islam in the whole world it'll be a paradise. It's my first thing I'll do when the Apocalypse breaks. I'm the Messiah and you people are mental cases to support the evil-on-earth Obama.

      I'm the way and I'm the truth.

  1. Facebook, Youtube...and now even Liveleak also seems to be filled up with propaganda...

    Lemme tell you these propagandist's usernames on Liveleak......remember 'em...hopefully we don't fall for their preaches.....

    1. milkyway001
    2. Mr-Creosote
    3. belkin
    5. poonchain
    6. Achilles
    7. IrRahman
    8. qweasd
    9. OMERbinHATTAPlovecCc
    10. back4epsilon
    11. kafr
    12. Cpt.Spaulding
    13. Kropman
    14. Setright

    Let's not also forget they also have multi accounts & usernames.......

    • I've noticed that myself, I suspect there is a special department in america like in israel where you get trolls with different accounts posting on one site, now that tells me they have little support, and we outnumber them a few million to one.

      Ziad, Anonymous is talking about the trolls on Liveleak.


    • I noticed the same sort of thing when Israeli had it's cowardly "tie-eater" invade South Ossetia in 2008. About 2 weeks prior, several accounts were set up on youtube, and once the invasion began, I mean the very night, these accounts quickly filled up with videos of "Russian atrocities" and similar propaganda. These were all "Georgian" accounts. I suspect the technique really got started with the "orange color revolution" attack on Ukraine. In the Georgian campaign, one of the Israeli turds was so brazen as to his role, he advertised what a wonderful place Israel was on the "home page", and how Georgia was Israel's best ally, and that Israel was as loyal to Georgians, as it was to itself. When I mentioned this info, it only took a couple days for the Israeli to change his front page to make it less obvious who he worked for.

      Every site site is monitored by zionist Jews. The more threatening these spies and war criminals feel the info posted at the site is to zionazi interests, the more they attempt to block access to the site or otherwise hamper the site.

      вот так

    • I take this "reporting" as a good sign. It means the terrorists are losing big time as the "communist command center" the huffingtonpost is again gearing up propaganda.
      I wonder why we do not read such a story after almost every us drone strike where the kill 1000s of innocent people just to get the terrorists they created.

      This news will be everywhere in the MSM and they will focus on the poor starving terrorists and their supporters encircled everywhere in Syria until next year.

    • I riposted thusly (and was staggered it didn't get binned):
      “Well, well, well. 'The Butcher', huh? AP had long ago sunk to an apologist for the Wahhabite enemies of civilisation. Now Hufferton Past is going all Fox News too.
      No report on the atrocity at 'Aadra, where over 200 civilians have been slaughtered by Jabhat al-Nusra, some by being stuffed into bakery ovens and burned alive.
      So much for 'fair and balanced'.
      This conflict is by no means a question of 'no end in sight'. The end is near for the emissaries of the vile house of Saud. But the terror camps of Adana are still humming with CIA and MI6 activity, as are the staging grounds of Mafraq in Jordan. Not a word about any of that in this organ.
      It's about time this entity began to report the actual picture.”
      ... Even among the Soros-bots, a few liked it. I notice the tide turning, even among the benighted Americans. They can't quite accept Washington's depravity but they know its Syria posture stinks.

      Regards to the mentat Ziad.

      the Thylacine

  2. Censorship and zionist propaganda, we hear that BS about aleppo bombings on innocent civilians all day, but we never hear or see anything about the 'rebel' atrocities by the terrorists.. I hope you guys get the next page up and running asap. I was one of the people who did an appeal the first time, using the builtin FB options, but was simply ignored, so not much hope there. Just keep raising new pages every time, keep the fire burning!
    Dutch reader

    • With Syrian Partisan Girl I have mixed feelings... to me she cares more about her plastic looks then what she tries to represent. But hey, who am I?

      When the SEA hacked Matthew Vandycke's facebook account you can read that they have a conversation where she is openly fliriting with him.
      Some parts of it:
      Syriangirl PartisanThursday, March 21, 2013 at 8:02pm UTC+02
      No i don't follow your FB, Do you follow mine? 😉 I do obsess about you more than i should, you bring out the murderous intent in me more than anyone has in a while. You know what they say there is a fine line between love and hate.
      Syriangirl PartisanFriday, March 22, 2013 at 9:46am UTC+02
      I apologise if I'm really harsh in my campaign against you publicly, but it is my duty and i'm sure you understand about duty. There is just one thing i'm dying to know, why did you pull out of the debate when you heard i was going on? I am honestly dying of curiosity, not good enough for you am I? :)

      Syriangirl PartisanMonday, March 25, 2013 at 8:57pm UTC+02
      oh so only your friends think i'm cute, .. well atleast i amuse you 😉
      Syriangirl PartisanMonday, March 25, 2013 at 8:58pm UTC+02
      You want to know something funny Matt? When I was a 9 yr old girl, i thought i wld one day grow up to overthrow hafez Al Assad.

      Syriangirl PartisanMonday, March 25, 2013 at 10:28pm UTC+02
      Anyway i'm always interested to know about you and hear from you. You are amusing to me too.

      Syriangirl PartisanMonday, March 25, 2013 at 10:28pm UTC+02
      if i were to capture you i would definetly keep you alive for that reason
      Syriangirl PartisanMonday, March 25, 2013 at 10:29pm UTC+02
      well i hope one day my dreams come true.

      My 2 cents but not my cup of tea.

    • I wonder why they fear SyrPer more now than yesterday. Maybe because the fight's getting close to Turkey.

      Probably the Saudis are scared now. The Saudis probably don't like the snow.

      Incidentally Ziad: are there any Western soldiers joining Assad? There are all these European terrorists but no one hears about Westerner loyalists.

      Maybe the banning of SyrPer and PartisanGirl are because they fear that out of desperation some of the fighters will pick up on the lead and go and call out Obama as the Antichrist.

      The White House would fold up in a second. It would overwhelm them.

      It the message gets out to the world that Obama's the AC then the Christian fundamentalists will picket the White House as early as tomorrow... even tonight. They'll be there RIGHT AWAY

      They'll crucify themselves hahahaha

      They'll take the first flight to DC and picket with "ANTICHRIST" placards.

    • Syrian Girl is no imbecile:
      How leftist "anti-zionists" are allied with Israel against Syria (plus Spanish, Greek and French translations)

      By Mimi Al Laham (aka "Syrian Girl") and Lizzie Phelan


      The Myth

      There has been a ridiculous notion amongst numerous left groups and those opposed to the Syrian government, that the Israeli regime does not want to see Assad fall. As self-professed “anti-zionists”, many in these groups are content to delude themselves into believing that both their enemies are on the same side. In the case of several socialist groups, they believe that this forcing of the Syrian crisis into their blanket “anti-authoritarian” narrative (regardless of the state in which they are applying that narrative to) enables them to maintain a façade of anti-imperialism.

      London based socialist newspaper The Socialist Review writes: “Israel, although hostile to Syria, could depend on the Baathist regime to keep the frontier quiet. Thus criticism of Bashar is more muted in Tel Aviv.”

      And Simon Assaf of the SocialistWorker writes:
      The notion that ordinary Syrians struggling to change their country are the pawns of a ‘Western plot’ is absurd…In fact the Arab League is attempting to throw the regime a lifeline.
      This view is also pervasive amongst the Islamic opposition to the Syrian government. Rafiq A. Tschannen of the The Muslims Times writes:
      Israel believes that it would be safer under Assad regime than the new government whose credentials are unknown or the new Islamic extremist regime that would open a new war front with the Jewish state.
      Israeli state media has actively fuelled this manipulation, as it has been beneficial to the Israeli state to both discredit the Syrian government in the eyes of Syrians and Arabs amongst whom cooperation with Israel has historically been a red line. Therefore the goal of these reports has been to create the false perception that Israel is uninvolved in the insurgency against the Syrian government. Similarly to how the NATO powers were keen to portray the Libyan insurgency as a “home-grown revolution”.

      In this early 2011 Haaretz article entitled ‘Israel’s favourite dictator’, great lengths are taken to paint the Syrian president as a weak stooge of the Israeli state. The article regurgitates common Syrian criticisms and sources of frustration about the Syrian government’s failure to take back the Golan Heights. It even goes as far as to chastise Assad for not attacking Israel. The irony that an Israeli paper would be critical of a president’s failure to attack Israel is apparently lost on many. All the more incredible that these anti-zionist groups have chosen to believe the spin of Israeli state media.

      The Turkish based Syrian opposition, the Syrian National Council (SNC), also jumped on this bandwagon. The now deposed leader of the SNC, Burghan Ghallion told Israeli paper Ynetnews "We are convinced that the Syrian regime's strongest ally is Israel".

      Debunking the Myth

      However the following facts expose all of the above as merely a part of the psychological warfare machinery directed from Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Israel and the NATO countries, which is an essential part of the overall aggression against Syria, and that such leftists have willingly become a part of:

    • Cont....
      Israel’s most important ally, the US, has been amongst its other allies repeatedly calling for regime change in Syria

      Israel’s strongest ally the United States has been pushing for regime change in Syria since before the first signs of insurrection began. Most famously in 2007, General Wesley Clarke, who served as NATO's Supreme Allied Commander between 1997 and 2000 said he had received a memo from the US Secretary of Defense's Office which read that the Syrian Government would be one of the seven governments the US would destroy in the subsequent five years.

      The Guardian’s recent headline “Saudi Arabia plans to fund Syria rebel army” is in the typical style of the liberal media based in the NATO countries a malignant manipulation. The text of that article is specifically about plans by the US’ and by extension Israel’s most important regional allies, Qatar and Saudi Arabia, to pay the salaries of insurgents. But buried further down the very same article also reports that such support began months before. A less misleading headline therefore would replace “plans to fund” with “increases support for”, however a truthful headline would suggest external control over Syria’s insurgency has existed since its onset.

      Indeed both Qatar and Saudi Arabia have a long history of hostility to the Syrian Ba’ath Party and Syrian foreign policy, a fact which is reflected in both of their leading medias (Al Jazeera and Al Arabiya respectively) severely distorted coverage of events in Syria from the outset.

      But to highlight this context would also give too much weight to the Syrian government’s consistent analysis that the crisis within its borders is externally created. A fact which leftist groups also fall over themselves trying to downplay or dismiss with the result of boosting the opposing narrative which imperialism has made dominant through its media machinery.

      Why did that same Guardian article, and western leftists who claim that Assad is good for Israel fail to mention that for example in early April, the US openly pledged to double its assistance to the insurgents to the tune of an additional $12 million, under the cover of “humanitarian aid”? Or the recent US admission that it is actively arming the insurgency using Qatar as a proxy? Or that in February, solid Israeli ally British Foreign Minister William Hague pledged more equipment to the insurgents, insisting there was “no limit on what resources” Britain would provide?

      It shouldn’t have to be explained to anti-Zionists that US and Israeli foreign policy is one and the same.

      Axis of Resistance

      Syria is a member of the Axis of Resistance, which is the only effective military resistance to Israel left. It is made up of Syria, Iran and the resistance inside Lebanon with Hizbullah at the helm. Far from being a ‘safe’ option for Israel, as Al Akhbar writer Amal Saad-Ghorayeb sets out in her three part critique of the third-way position that has seized much of the western left, Syria has consistently put itself on the frontline, risking its own survival, and has been involved in every Arab-Israeli conflict since they took power. Syria has been the strongest supporter of the Lebanese resistance movements against Israeli occupation; Hizbullah has repeatedly unequivocally attributed its ability to effectively win the 2006 war against Israeli invasion of Lebanon to its support from Syria and Iran.
      A year since the beginning of the insurrection in Syria, the ridiculous notion that Israel was not pursuing regime change in Syria began to crumble. Israeli Intelligence Minister, Dan Meridor was quoted on Israeli radio, pointing out what was obvious all along: Regime change in Syria would break the Iran-Syria mutual defence pact thereby isolating Iran and cutting the supply of arms to Hezbollah. Finally, Israel’s greatest adversary, Syria, would be crippled.

    • Cont... This was not reported in Israeli mass media, which ensured that the lid was kept on the obvious, clearly in the knowledge that it would make the position of the insurgent’s self-professed anti-zionist cheerleaders in the west and Arab world more untenable. Yet those cheerleaders who maintain that Assad is good for Israel have been unable to reconcile then why Israel relentlessly beats the war drums against one of Syria’s most important allies, Iran.

      Aside from wanting to get rid of Assad to secure military hegemony of the region, Israel also has an economic interest in scarpering the Syria, Iran, Iraq oil pipeline which would rival both Israel’s BTC pipeline and the eternally fledgling plans for Europe’s Nabucco pipeline.

      Pro-Israel Opposition

      With increasing momentum, the already tenuous facade of being pro-Assad in the Israeli media began to crumble and increasingly, voices within the Syrian opposition have been crossing the red line of sounding friendly towards Israel.
      MK Yitzhak Herzog, who has previously held ministerial posts in Israeli parliament, said that Syrian opposition leaders have told him they want peace with Israel after Syrian President Bashar al Assad falls.
      Indeed, SNC member Bassma Kodmani attended the 2012 Bilderberg conference where regime change in Syria was on the agenda. Kodmani has previously called for friendly relations between Syria and Israel on a French talk show, going as far as to say: ‘We need Israel in the region’.

      Another SNC member, Ammar Abdulhamid declared his support for friendly relations between Israel and Syria in an interview with Israeli news paper Ynetnews.

      Earlier this year a telephone conversation between the SNC’s Radwan Ziyade and Mouhammad Abdallah emerged where they begged Israeli Defense Minister Ehud Barack for more support.

      Outside the SNC the children of former leadership figures now in opposition have joined the pro-Israel rat race. Ribal al-Assad, the son of Bashar Assad’s uncle and exiled former vice-president Rifaat al-Asaad welcomed the possibility of Syria making peace with Israel. And son of former Syrian prime minister Nofal Al-Dawalibi, said in an interview on Israeli radio that the Syrian people want peace with Israel. Dawalibi formed the “Free Syrian Transitional National Government”, another external opposition group rivaling the SNC for power in a situation where the Syrian government falls. This sectarian infighting and disunity, that is a mirror of post-Gaddafi Libya, is now threatening to plague the Syria.
      Lower down the opposition hierarchy, pro-Israel voices are still to be found.
      Syrian Danny Abdul-Dayem, the almost one-hit-wonder unofficial spokesman for the FSA, appeared on CNN begging Israel to Attack Syria.

      And in an interview with Israel's Channel 2, Sheikh Abdullah Tamimi, an exiled Imam from the Syrian city of Homs, said that the Syrian Opposition does not have any enmity towards Israel. Tamimi proceeded to request monetary and military support for Sunnis in Syria and Lebanon.

      Anti-Assad Zionists and Israeli Leaders

      Socialists chosen to be blind to the fact that prominent Zionists have been backing the Syrian insurgency since its inception.

    • cont...
      US Senator John Mccain and Joe Lieberman, both well known to be close friends of the zionist entity, met with the SNC and Syrian insurgents on the Turkish border, then called for the US to arm them. In fact Joe Lieberman has been calling for war against Syria since 2011.
      Another well known zionist Bernard Henri-Levy, who spear-headed the destruction of Libya by NATO aerial bombardment, has also called for an attack on Syria.
      More recently voices within the Israeli government have been more vocal and demanding in their desire to see the Syrian government’s replacement with a more friendly puppet regime.
      Israeli President Shimon Peres, upon receiving the ‘Medal of Freedom’ from US President Barack Obama, said that the world had to get rid of Assad. That he was receiving such a medal requires its own article dedicated to psychoanalyzing such an event, but that he could also claim, while being part of a system that is responsible for some of the gravest abuses to humankind in history, that from a “human” point of view Assad must go, should really get so-called anti-Zionists thinking.
      Other members of the Israeli government, such as Israeli Vice Prime Minister, Shaul Mofaz, urged world powers to mount a Libya style regime change in Syria.

      And Israeli defense minister Ehud Barack called for the ‘world to act’ to remove Assad while Israeli Deputy Foreign Minister Danny Ayalon accused the “world” of wrong doing for failing to act against the Syrian government and then offered Israel “assistance” for Syrian ‘refugees’.

      Finally, Israeli Deputy Foreign Minister Danny Ayalon accused the ‘world’ of wrong doing for failing to act against the Syrian government. Then offered Israel offered ‘assistance’ for Syrian ‘refugees’. Thinly euphemism for arming insurgents on the border.
      In spite of the overt desire of the US government for regime change in Syria, which they have made clear time and time again, Israel has obvious economic and military interests Israel has for pursuing regime change in Syria, most notably the the break up of the Axis of Resistance and the destruction of plans for rival oil pipelines. Despite numerous public statements by Syrian opposition members that they are pro-israel and the multitude of Israeli government officials calling for the fall of the Syrian government as well as zionist lobbyists and key zionist figures like Bernard Henri-Levy backing the insurgency, so called ‘anti-zionist’ Socialists and Islamic groups persist in their claim that Israel has no stake in regime change in Syria and that the insurgency inside Syria is from the grass roots. Though all information contrary to this delusion is in clear sight, it seems that the socialist and Islamic groups are willingly blind.
      This position becomes increasingly untenable however, most recently in light of the murder of Syria’s Deputy Defence Minister Asef Shawkat, which along with the simultaneous murder of Defence Minister Raoud Dajiha and Assistant to the Vice President Hassan Turkomani, which the Syrian government laid the responsibility for squarely at the doors of Israel, Saudi Arabia and Qatar, as new information has come to light as revealed by Al Akhbar editor-in-chief Ibrahim al-Amin.
      In an article published today, Amin writes of Shawkat, that in spite of the incessant attempts by the US, Israel et al to demonise him, he in fact,
      played a major role in resisting Israeli occupation in and around Palestine. Right to the end, he took practical charge of meeting the needs of the resistance forces in Palestine and Lebanon, and of their members and cadres in Syria. He oversaw everything from their accommodation and transportation, to their training camps and provisions, and arranging for cadres from inside Palestine to come to the country secretly for training.

    • cont...
      For the resistance in Lebanon, Shawkat was a true partner, providing whatever assistance was needed without needing orders or approval from the leadership. He was a central player in the June 2006 war. He spent the entire time in the central operations room that was set up in line with a directive by Assad to supply the resistance with whatever weapons it wanted, notably missiles, from Syrian army stocks. Shawkat and other officers and men of the Syrian army – including Muhammad Suleiman who was assassinated by the Mossad on the Syrian coast in 2008 – spent weeks coordinating the supply operation which helped the resistance achieve the successes that led to the defeat of Israel.
      Despite the accusations levelled against Asef Shawkat regarding security, political or other matters, for Imad Mughniyeh, the assassinated military leader of Hezbollah, he was just another comrade, a modest man who would bow when shaking hands with Hassan Nasrallah, and liked to hear the news from Palestine last thing at night.
      However anti-zionist one proclaims to be, there are few in this world that can claim to have done as much as the above for the Palestinian Resistance to the zionist entity. But having proven to wilfully ignore all of the facts of Syria’s long history of resistance to Israel, it is a great tragedy that those who cling on to the argument dealt with in this essay, would only perhaps be able to let go of it should Syria fall and then the reality of Palestine’s total military abandonment would be all to devastatingly clear to see.

    • Syrian Girl said that the oppsition to Bashar Al Assad is organized by his uncle Rifaat Al Assad.

      Rifaat's married to a sister-in-law of the King of Saudi Arabia.

      Personal life[edit]

      Rifaat married four times and his polygamous marriages as well as the marriages of his children have produced strong alliances and ties with prominent families and prestigious clans within Syria and the Arab Mashreq.[1] He firstly married to one of his cousins, Amirah, from al-Qurdahah. Then, he married Sana Makhlouf, a cousin of Hafez Assad's wife, Anisa. His third spouse is a young woman from the traditional Sunni Muslim establishment, Raja Barakat. His fourth wife, Lina al-Khayyir, is from one of the most prominent Alawite families in Syria.[1] The sister of one of his spouses is married to King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia.
      Rifaat's daughter Tumadir married Muin Nassif Khayr Bek, a member of the most powerful and prestigious Alawite family. Tamadhin, another daughter, married a Makhlouf. Lama married Ala Fayyad, the son of Alawite General Shafiq Fayadh. Rifaat's eldest son, Mudar, married Maya Haydar, the daughter of the ultra-rich entrepreneur Muhammad Haydar from the prominent al-Haddadin Alawite tribe.[1]

  3. Maybe the next huge false flag attack is imminent? The rat army seems to be on the brink of collapse in Damascus and maybe even Aleppo as the drums of the MSM Warmongers gets louder?

  4. I noticed, Ziad and I'm already heading to SyrPer2 on facebook.
    If I remember well then the first time the page got closed down was because of a picture of Bandar diving in a swimming pool... Mhoewahaha...Actually since it was temporary it was worth it 😉

    Thanks for the updates!

  5. Before the first official bomb lands on Syria, the New World Order plans to vaccinate 2.2 million Syrian children under the age of five, reportedly to protect against polio. The global plan now includes all of the Middle East, seeking to vaccinate 23 million children under the age of five.


  6. GeirSmith is at least shows his opinions and his side. He is not like you.
    Only Zionists become happy that middle east is a war zone and everyday more arabs are dying. So called Zionists who are you serving? Esadists? Israil ? Arabs? .
    Really Ziad, who is esad serving ?who is he protecting? I think only 2 million people that are in pro esad lands please answer.

    • I agree with this. I say clearly Obama's the Antichrist. All those who support Obama will be doomed to hell and only 144 000 will be saved in the Apocalypse. So join the Messengers of the Apocalypse because those are the only ones who will be saved in the Apocalypse. The Koran says that in the Apocalypse false Muslims will corrupt Islam and only very few will be saved but because they recognize the Messiah. You people have to hurry or you'll be lost. Save Your Souls Or Be Lost For Ever Now because you didn't wake up.

    • 144000 will be saved? This is pure jehovah witness belief. And i think its pure bs. But since this is not a religious forum. i will stop right there. We both have a common enemy: US/Zionist agenda.

      As for the antichrist is obama... every us president is being called the anti christ so i do not agree with you.

      The US has an agenda to follow. It is either its own agenda or a zionist agenda. Whoever is president is going to follow this agenda whether he likes it or not. the US president is a puppet to the agenda. Think JFK and why he got killed.

    • I don't know what wind blew geir smith here but I wish it would blow him back to beforeitsnews to be mocked, or to 4chan where he went because he said they have better pornography.

      When you have a buddhist who has a lengthy internet career of failed prophecy, who has gone on record as saying he is Jesus Christ - espousing pathologically insane theories ( obama is the antichrist because of a lotto ticker geir smith got ) then distorting scripture which he should technically not believe in - then you have someone who had a date with a rubber room.

    • Obama's the Antichrist for many reasons.

      One is that he's more than doubled the US debt in six years and indepted the USA more than all the 42 previous US presidents before in 200 years.
      Obama's totally in class of his own.
      How to compare someone with no birth certificate with the other presidents?
      Obama's the world's greatest criminal in the history of Humanity because he accessed the National Defense nuclear codes using a false identity which is High Treason. Obama's worse thah Hitler. Hitler never had the nuclear weapons codes.

      Obama will stand for the death penalty handed down solemnly by SCOTUS and US Law for the raps of foreign spying, espionage and treason.

      Look at WIkipedia that's what the US Law holds for those.

      Capital punishment by the United States federal government


      The United States federal government (in comparison to the separate states) applies the death penalty for certain crimes: treason, espionage,.....

      Obama's guilty of espionage if his birth certificate is fake.

      Orly Taitz is filing new charges because a judge has shown interest in her case. This is breaking hair-raising news. Obama may be arrested very soon on this and in the meantime Obamacare is destroying Obama's work.

      Orly Taitz: 21 Days To File Case


      Also, Syria's bad for Obama because all the CIA-paid shills are being exterminated by RUssian weaponery.

  7. If there are US-backed groups anywhere seeking the overthrow of their government, you will find John McCain in their midst. He is the Energizer Bunny of interventionism.


  8. The UN up to its old tricks.

    Interesting two articles on the UN's reaction to the 2nd chemical report

  9. RT about Adra:
    ‘Slaughtered like sheep’: Eyewitnesses recount massacre in Adra

    Let's hope justice will be done.


  10. No more updates & news on FB ?...It's been quiet...

    Anyway, a very interesting debate ...must watch the whole interviews to get the story (22 mnts)


  11. Who cares about FB? The whole FB project has enabled some services to map everyone on earth who has a computer with his connections and his political opinions (thanks to the Arab Spring). In addition, it has banalized violence and is traumatizing kids on a daily basis. FB only deserve to be boycotted. Blogs are for grown-ups and can be advertized on larger websites sharing the same interests.

    • The only reason FB is needed at the moment is because of the SHEER number of people who can be reached. Blogs are great and all but you have to deal with something called GOOGLE. And guess what? if google don't like you, no one will find you. And btw.. google owns FB. . And do you know who else Google owns? That's right folks.. BLOGGER.COM . . We use twitter (also zionist controlled) And as far as your "mapping everyone" statement. Do you really believe they only use FB to map you? come on man. They can pull your location out of thin air anytime they choose to. There's no such thing as a private conversation anymore.

    • facebook does have value in that it is an easy platform for people all over the world to communicate with. OF course it is an intelligence community treasure trove - but as long as you don't post personal information then it is a good way to get the word out.


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