Make sure to use our trusty Maplandia map to find all locations mentioned in this blog: 


More terrorists getting killed in continued confrontations with the army

Mar’Uyyaan:  In the Jibaal Al-Zaawiya area, an extension of the Lebanon Mountain Range, all rodents in a pack were killed when they walked into a perfectly set ambush by SAA:
Muhammad Al-Haanoon
Sa’eed Ghatrass
Khaaled Khateeb
‘Abdul-‘Azeez Al-Haydari
Qaassem Da’doosh
Musleh Burma
Saleem Dadeekhi

Another 4 could not be identified.

Kafr Roomaa:  NDF reportedly killed 6 criminals who were transporting stolen medicine in a van.  When the van approached an NDF checkpoint supervised by security personnel, the van tried to charge through.  It was fired upon and stopped cold.  A firefight ensued and all the terrorists were killed.  No names.

Al-Shaykh Sindiyaan:  Named for its evergreen oak trees, this area is actually quite beautiful.  But, it wasn’t so nice for rats yesterday.  A group of vermin, calling themselves, “Battalions of the Emigres” (Liwaa’ Al-Muhaajireen) found themselves traveling to another locale, far to the south and nearer to the River Styx where they were greeted by Cerberus.  All 13 were Libyans, Tunisians and 2 Chechens.  No names.  All were cremated.

Al-Shughur:  Fighting with no details.

‘Ayn Laarooz:  Here’s a new area of Idlib being soiled by crawling pests of the Jabhat Al-Nusra.  These 4 were killed yesterday in a firefight.  Another 10 were seen escaping toward Erdoghan:

Zuhayr Al-Qaassimi
Muhammad ‘Awadh
‘Ali Huzaam
Wissaam Marzooq

Fighting with no details.

Ma’ar-Aataa:  Confirmed 8 dead and 17 surrendering to SAA and NDF.  All prisoners were turned over to MI for possible adjustment of their criminal status.  No names.

Kafr Shalaayaa:  Fighting with no details.  Wael reports seizure of mortars, rockets and hand grenades along with a mother lode of light assault rifles.

Bizaaboor:  Fighting with no details.

Jisr Al-Shughoor:  A town as ugly and as miserable as Der’ah.  An attack on a military outpost resulted in 16 dead rodents and 6 wounded in various stages of imminent death:

Ahmad Daawood
Ihsaan ‘Abdul-Kareem
Muhammad Mahmoudi
Muhammad Mush’al
‘Awn Al-Shaqfa
Hamza Jamaaleddeen
Ramzi Mu’awwadh
‘Ali Toomaar
‘Issaam Abu-Ghinwa
Mansoor Hallaal
‘Umar Seesu

The other 5 could not be identified.  Prisoners admitted they were Libyans.


‘Arbeen: (var: ‘Irbeen)  Deep in the East Ghouta, the SAA has been able to secure the entire Damascus-Homs International Highway.  The SAA has now cut all supply lines between ‘Arbeen and Harastaa.  Only 10% of this area is populated by vermin snipers of the J.N.  During fighting yesterday, MI overheard screams for help, for ambulances to take the injured to hospital in Jordan. The EMS never arrived.  According to Monzer’s note to me, the number of dead rats may exceed 100 although nobody is concentrating yet on counting.  The SAA now controls all junctions at Mudayra-‘Arbeen-Harastaa toward the rear positions.  
Also, in ‘Arbeen yesterday, the NDF arrested 4 individuals carrying a variety of weapons in their Mitsubishi van.  Inside were 9 automatic assault rifles with ammo and 1,500 rounds of BoomCushion cartridges.  

Here’s a photo from SANA of some of the weapons found in that van.  All courtesy of Bandar and his army of apes.  

Qudsaayaa:  SAA and FSA agreed to allow many residents to leave in order to avoid starvation.  The SAA may have agreed to a truce here, also.  We don’t like truces with rats.  
Al-Subayna (at the outskirts) after its liberation 2 days ago:  A massive military operation has just begun to liberate Al-Hajar Al-Aswad.  Warehouses storing weapons have been destroyed or seized as reports of rats abandoning their positions are coming in.  Heavy artillery is being used along with air power to soften up the rodents before the Orkin Man comes in.  Of the dead reported in Al-Hajar Al-Aswad are these:
Muhammad Kalash
Zaahi Manfookh
‘Ali Al-Sayyid
Burhaan ‘Abdul-Rahmaan
Basheer Al-Qaadhi
Muflih Kurd
Ghaaleb Al-Khudhraawi
Zayd Al-Jinna
ضبط سيارة محملة بالأسلحة في ريف دمشق والقبض على إرهابيين كانا بداخلها
 تواصل العمليات في محيط السبينة وملاحقة الإرهابيين الفارين نحو الحجر الأسود

Syrian soldiers raise the flag in Al-Subayna after its devastation by the Saudi and NATO-supported mercenary scavengers were annihilated.  

Baradaa Factory between Al-Subayna and Al-Hajar Al-Aswad, an entire detachment of J.N. cockroaches was detroyed.  No names available.

Harastaa:  East of the Cars Auto Company, SAA killed 1 hyena:

Ibraaheem Al-‘Uss 

Al-Buwaydha Farms:  SAA artillery pounding the rats into so much rat meat.  The shelling is so intense you can see the flames rising up from Al-Baraamki in Damscus.

Hujjayra:  Over 14 rats killed and 28 taken prisoner as SAA artillery shattered their defenses.  Weapons seized yesterday included Zionist-provided LAO missiles, night-vision equipment and NATO sniper rifles.  No names arrived, yet.

Doumaa:  At the Al-‘Ibb Farms and Al-‘Aaliya Farms, 9 rodents killed in a firefight.  Only 1 name was provided:

Ghassaan Al-‘Aabed

The rest are presumed foreign.

Yabrood:  A nest of J.N. snakes was destroyed.  Monzer confirms 23 carcasses and no prisoners.

Ahmad Al-Fallaah
Saadeq Jabru
Muhammad Al-Sawaasina
Khaleel Mahjoob
‘Abdul-Ghani Sukayfi

The rest could not be identified.

Khaan Al-Shaykh:  At the Nestle Road, SAA and NDF killed 19 rodents and wounded 24.  IEDs were dismantled and a cache of weapons were seized to be used to exterminate Wahhabis.


عشرات القتلى باستهداف آليات للمجموعات الإرهابية بمحيط اللواء 80 في حلب

DO NOT BELIEVE ANYTHING AL-JAZEERA SAYS.  BATTALION 80 IS TOTALLY AND INCONTROVERTIBLY IN THE HANDS OF OUR ARMY.  Yesterday, Wael writes that over 67 rats were killed in fighting as they tried to reenter the base.  The SAA is now heavily reinforced here with Ba’ath Militia and NDF, not to mention security forces.  The SAA, yesterday, also secured the FM Radio Station, the Rodco Company, Al-Manaar Fuel Station and the Falaahaa Industries buildings.  The SAA also completely took control of the road  and cloverleafs between Al-Layramoon and Sheehaan.  This is in the direction of ‘Anadaan which is coming soon to a theater near you.

We can now report that Shilkas have been brought into the Battalion 80 base and that the number of casualties among the Saudi and Libyan rats now exceeds 550 after the J.N. tried twice to recapture the base.  It is a massacre.  There are burning bodies of Saudi rodents all over the perimeter as incendiary grenades used by these apes detonated, burning some alive.  T-72 tanks are also pouring in to the base to finish off the rest of the vermin.  Great news.

SAA has taken over 80% control over Bani Zayd Neighborhood in Aleppo.  The SAA has also liberated many blocks of buildings in the Industrial Layramoon.  It should be obvious that the SAA is heading for the north of Aleppo.

Say what you want about Greece’s present government, but, don’t rage at the Coast Guard.  As all of you have read, Greece’s ancient coast guard system is pretty good – after all it defeated invaders at Salamis, inter alia, and kept its civilization pretty robust for quite a while.  Well, they managed to intercept a ship, the Noor-M, a Sierra Leone-flagged ship which left the Ukraine after taking on some pretty nifty cargo that included 20 thousand AK47 rifles and tons of explosives. The ship was forced to land at Simi Island in the Aegian Sea where the captain of the rogue ship told everybody he was headed for Eskenderoun in Hatay Province, Turkish-Occupied Syria.  This ship has evidently been used before for weapons smuggling.  We are sure that Bandar is gnashing his ape teeth over this Hellenic affront.



One of our readers sent this report from the redoubtable Hussayn Mortadha of Alalam News about Base 80 near Aleppo’s International Airport.  It confirms what we reported: the base is securely in SAA hands. Nima should be careful about Al-Jazeera and BBC.  They are liars: 

Fabulous report about U.S. and Saudi complicity in sending CW to Syria.  If you read this in conjunction with our reporting about the battle for Jawbar in August,  it all begins to fall into place.  Martin Dempsey is a war criminal.  Thanks, Anon.


Raad sends this one to gladden your hearts.



  1. Syrian army retakes northern military base in 3rd day of clashes
    By Dominic Evans

    BEIRUT, Nov 10 (Reuters) - Syrian forces backed by Lebanese Hezbollah militants recaptured an army base in northern Syria from rebels on Sunday, the third day of heavy fighting for the strategic military target which has changed hands three times since Friday.

    State media and activists said President Bashar al-Assad's forces were in full control of the 80th Brigade base, which lies just a few hundred metres (yards) north of Aleppo airport on the eastern edge of the disputed city.

    They also made gains to the south of the airport, advancing in the town of Tel Arn after a succession of victories over the mainly Islamist rebels holding the south-eastern approaches to Syria's former commercial hub.

    Rebels have held roughly half of Aleppo since storming into the city in July last year, holding off a government counter-offensive and consolidating their control over rural areas and the northern border with Turkey.

    Assad has focused his fight-back this year on trying to secure the areas around Damascus, the Lebanese border and central Homs region which links the capital with the heartland of his minority Alawite faith in Syria's Mediterranean provinces.

    But in recent weeks his forces have also recaptured the town of Safira, southeast of Aleppo, and on Sunday state television said they were in full control of formerly rebel-controlled Tel Arn about 2 miles (3 km) closer to Aleppo.

    The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, which monitors the violence through a network of sources, said fighting was continuing in Tel Arn but the army was in almost full control.

    In the fighting for the military base, it said at least 63 rebels had been killed since Friday including more than 20 from the al Qaeda-linked Nusra Front and the Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant, as well 32 soldiers and pro-Assad militia.

    It was not clear how many Shi'ite Hezbollah fighters - who have played a central role in regaining ground for Assad - were killed in the fighting with the Sunni Muslim rebels who had held the 80th Brigade base since February.

    If the army is able to strengthen its hold in the area it could lead to the reopening of Aleppo airport to commercial flights, most of which were halted after rebels fired at an airliner there last December.

    After 2-1/2 years of war, which started when Assad's forces fired on pro-democracy protests, fighting has settled into a broad stalemate in which more than 100 people are killed every day.

    More than 100,000 have died since the start of the conflict, the United Nations says, and millions more fled the country or have been displaced inside Syria.

    In some rebel-held districts around Damascus, activists say the army has used siege tactics to starve the population into submission, although there have been local initiatives to ease blockades in some areas.

    In the Damascus suburb of Qudsayya, which residents say has been under siege since last month, some food was allowed through army checkpoints on Saturday.

    The Observatory said bread, vegetables and flour were taken into Qudsayya, a 15-minute drive north from central Damascus into the Qasioun mountain range, although a local activist group said its members had not seen any shipment of flour.


    Bless the brave warriors of the SAA and the true and loyal allies of Syria. Fighting to rid this world of the evils of Salafist Wahhabi Rats!

    • Notice how Jew-Reuters are doing everything in their power to make it sectarian by phrases like "Shi'ite Hezbollah fighters" and "Sunni Muslim rebels". Totally disregarding that 80% of SAA and NDF are Sunnis.

    • This article is typical of Reuters which is bought by the Qataris. First of all, the base has not changed hands. Nor has there been any noticeable presence of Hizbollah. The article is a fraud by a professional liar named Dominic Evans. While we all share your enthusiasm for the SAA and NDF, any quote from Reuters comes with a ton of salt. Ziad

  2. i would like to know that once these areas are cleared what are the chances of the rebels retaking it? what sort of numbers are required by the army to hold on to the areas permanently.? would heavy weapons be moved in immediately?

    • if rebels didn't used Civilians as human shields ,the chances of they holding any place in Syria is Zero.
      Remember that the Syrian Government have an Airforce , and that is fully supplied and updated constantly by Russia and IRAN rockets ,bomb and missiles. So the Syrian Airforce could literary turn in to dust the zones the rebels controls. killing the majority of them..And if it wasn't for the Chemical Red lines of US (so that the Syrian army do not win easily) they could have finished very easily the Rebels long time ago.. You can for example set a trap.. deploy chemical weapons (many advance chemicals have no color or way to detect them by physical senses.) in a military base and made it look they retreating so the Rebels Enter in the contaminated place.. and withing hours they become very ill without reason and die the next day. So what you need to know is that They Syrian army not only needs to fight the core NATO powers and GUlf monarchies funding and arming the rebels and supplying logistics and trainining to them.. but also use their own rules of how to combat them.. because otherwise the world will scream.. oh no chemicals evil . against alqaeda.. So the answer to your question ,without War Rules the Rebels with have no chance to last a couple of more weeks in all Syria . The Syrian army have the capabilities to cause 1000x times more destruction to the rebels using tactics that will make human rights groups scream for human rights crimes against "civilians" (Alqaeda).... And using NATO rules.. they still can hold as long as they want but is far slower. What are the probabilities of the Rebels will hold any place if the Syrian airforce use the same tactics and chemicals used by US in IRAQ (white phosporous) to burn the rebels alive and force them to flee or hide underground to be able to breath? NONE.. So your question is kind of tricky ,because with the weapons the Syrian airforce have but also the Syrian army ,they can literary turn into dust any place or burn it completely so no Rebel survive inside. Syria Government contrary to most believe have not used its most lethal weapons that can turn any tide at any time.. but weapons that will not help politically the image of president with public opinion at least in the international scene.

    • In the Town of Alqusair ..that Hezbolah took in western medial all the credit.. The Syrian Airforce basically won the city alone. There was not much civilians that city. and they stopped short to destroying the entire city.. it was turned into a living hell with burning structures everywhere..scorched tactics , When the Bombing ends about 1,000 rebels surrender and 500 rebels killed all that withing a few hours the Syrian Army capture 80% of the city in just a few hours the other 20% of the city took the army like 2-3 weeks to fully clear with the army ,house by house because airforce bombing was not possible in those places..since a few hundreds civilians were still hostage there.

    • This will depend on availability of troops in light of the dynamic campaign we are seeing all over Syria. With the NDF and Ba'ath militias now at full strength, holding territory will be much easier. We have a new 5000-man/woman force of NDF in Al-Suwaydaa, for example. These new developments are taking place will little notice from the Western press. Ziad

  3. Dear Ziad, can you tell me more about Allepo?

    I cannot find the locations of the places you name:

    FM Radio Station, the Rodco Company, Al-Manaar Fuel Station and the Falaahaa Industries buildings

    Are these east of the base 80 or the airport or something?

    As for Al-Layramoon, I know were it is and I can also see a big road and a junction but were is this Sheehaan area?

    Moving towards Anadaan seems rather strange to me. That would create a rather vulnerable 'bridgehead' into rat territory. I understand this is the direction of the two besieged Shia towns though. I think they should encircle the rats in the Old City and starve them out and/or move eastward and relieve the siege of the power plant and the airbase. Maybe the latter will be done when the two tall's near As-Safira fall and more troops are free up.

    • I believe you will see the same strategy in 'Anadaan that we saw in Al-Subayna. As far as the sites I mentioned, I don't think any map will name for you the Rodco Company which is in the area of the base. That's the best I can do. Ziad

  4. fantastic, brilliant, and encouraging post Ziad. It pleases me that the herds of wahabis and cannibals are being eradicated on every front, the sub scum al-saud must be going insane, barry(Obama) does not know what to do, and the Zionists are running short of time. The indestructible spirit of the people of Syria has foiled the most diabolic international war of modern history. What a historical struggle the brave people of Syria are fighting, such persistence and sacrifice, such dedication to Prs. Assad, which any world leader would envy. I do not think people who posses all this can loose easily. three cheers for our courageous fighting men in Syria, a tremendous victory is on the horizon Insallah.

    • Dr Assad has a system of sharing power with the whole nation be they Sunni, or Shiites. His wife's a Sunni and his kids are both Shiite and Sunnis. Why's no one talking about Rifaat Assad?

      He's Bashar's uncle and the one living in France and London.

      He's the founder of the FSA. He's the CIA stooge. He's the Saudi stooge. Are Syrians ashamed of their "dear leaders" the Assad crazies?

      He's the one who's wives are Saudi princesses and has the ear of the Saudi primitive apes.

      His nephew Bashar, the little kid in shorts, and with a diploma in eye-medecine, has used his crosshairs to blast his uncle back to the Stone Age.

      I laugh at Syria blasting itself back to the Stone Age because of a family which is fighting for power. It's not like Syria's not doing this to itself. The Assads have been feuding for generations now. And they're taking it upon the inncocent people of the land of Syria.

      Why the silence? Ashamed Ziad, of your sectarian, family-based, battling Syria? Alawites, Sunnis, Shiites, Christians, Druze, Catholics etc....

      Bashar's Syria is a secular none religious Syria. So is Rifaat's. Rifaat tried to take power from Hafez back in the days. Then he got exiled.

      It's Syrian Girl who turned me onto this but Ziad's keeping very quiet about who's who.

      I'll not get into more detail here. But what I'm saying is as long as Muslims won't criticize the criminality of their own religion, it'll just go on and on and on and they'll be killing more and more and more.

      Enjoy. Killing and being killed is good too. Killing and being killed is great says the Koran.


    • cont....

      Islam is like the Camorra - and Drangetta - and Mafia in Italy. It's a closed world that is bent upon killing each other.

      The only way to clean out all Islam is do what they're preparing for in Europe. The Right Wing is drawing up in front in all the countries of Europen sprouting up like wild weed. The latest poll puts Marine Lepen's French "Front National" in first place of all parties.

      The goal will be kick out all double nationals who are arrested, out of Europe and back to the North African Magreb or where they come from.. Islam will be disrupted from doing evil and then the right wing parties will implement things like forbidding the Koran because it says to kill people, Jews and Christians.

      Islam was stamped out of Europe in the Middle Ages. It'll be stamped out again. But it must be proven to be a criminal organisation or else we're letting criminal minds to enter Democracy like the culture of Mafia enters into Italian politics and nests inside it.

      Islam's place inside Europe is to be destroyed there. That's it's role in Europe: to be destroyed. it's like salmon swimming up a river to die there. Islam's been attempting to enter Europe since it's inception and never succeeded.

      It has to bridge the sea. It's tough going.

      Islam must be revealed; It's not a religion. It's a criminal organisation of death just like the Mafia.

      I preach a faith of love and compassion. Killing has no place in my system of love. Islam must be eradicated from the face of earth. It's the hideous face of the Devil. There is nothing good in Islam. it must be totally rejected. It was forbidden totally in the Middle Ages.

      It will be booted out of Europe lock, stock and barrel. To bring about a new world of love and compassion the creed of hatred must be stamped out and razed to the ground. You don't cure more or less from cancer. You cure totally or else you're in trouble. Islam must be eradicated worldwide even in China.


      I've said already I'm not pro-Jewish, and the Jews are not the "chosen people", contrary to what they claim. The theory of Zionism was launched by the KGB in the Tsar's time with the legend of the Elders of Zion and you idiots are still spouting the Russiian legend's lines.

      Check it out on Google (Wikipedia) it's all there. You're not talking about Rifaat's war in Syria killing 150000 and you're still spewing your little Russian Anti-Semitic lie about the Elders of Zion. Aren't you guys actually educated? Wake up. You're dumb.

      I'm ready to answer if any one of you want to actually talk and not spew your garbage 24 7. Try to talk. We'll see.

    • "Killing has no place in my system of love. Islam must be eradicated from the face of earth."

      Lol. Jeffrey Steinberg shows us where this Bernard (the-world-will-end-in-2006) Lewis wannabe is coming from at

    • Talk about Bashar's uncle Rifaat or shut up. Syria's got family feuds going on. It's so crazy to killl 150 000 people just because Rifaat Assad's acting up. He waited for 50 years for his revenge.

      Islam is clueless and the Syria war is a feudal war of families so damn it wake up.

      People can't accept this crap any more. Why does Obama even have any role in all this?

      Obama dressed in homosexual drag and went to "Rocky Horror Picture Shows" in Hawaii in the 70s.

      Proof Of Obama In Homosexual Drag (Video) Astounding Proof Of US President Acting Out As a Homosexual Pervert.

      Are you ready to act upon this crap? Wake up. get ready Obama's the Antichrist and this is the Apocalypse. Nothing about Bashar and Rifaat the backwards moron hicks. We're facing the Apocalypse you morons.

    • GeirSmith the moron is obviously you! The more you write, the more apparent this becomes. Christianity is responsible for unspeakable horror over its long histiory. Think of the Inquisition, the Crusades (mass murder in the name of Christ) the catholic church aiding and abetting more mass murder in the latin american dictatorships or the twentieth century, think pedophelia and satanism in the Vaticanand I could go on and on.

      By the way, geir, no one gives a rat's ass about you or your obsession with Rifaat Assad other than the fact that a good Rifaat is a dead Rifaat!

      Also, geir, it is clear you know nothing of the origins of Wahhabi Islam. It is the creation of a crypto-jew whose grandfather was a turkish donmeh jew. They have financed and led this jewish creation from the begining. Why do you think Israel supports Wahhabi Islam to this day? To discredit Islam in the eyes of the world. Wake up girl, and smell the coffee!


    • Muslim bashing isn't working no more. Wahhabism is the problem and Wahhabi's are nothing without Zionist backing. Think about that Geir and keep your hate talk in check. Who are you Geir, what have you done for the Resistance? More than Hezbollah?


    • Hip hip hurray. Hip hip hurray. Hip hip hurray. I agree with you, Hussein. I do not agree with some of our readers about Islam. I spent and adult lifetime studying this religion and believe strongly that it is a religion of peace, brotherhood and hard work. That slugs like the Wahhabis have brought shame to it with their apostasy and heretical ideas does not change my respect for Islam as a way of life for hundreds of millions of people. Ziad

    • Yeah, I'm Norwegian from mom.

      Can't change my DNA sorry.

      So, still spewing hatred that will send you to hell Bot Tak?

      Why don't you try some love and compassion like Buddha you arsehole?

      Try being good for once and rejecting this crap Islam.

  5. For everyone that did not believe that Base 80 was captured by the Syrian Arab Army: here is the video from Shadi Hulwe at the Base:

    Also, the Syrian Arab Army has control of 80% of Naqqarin, a city near the base. The arms depot at Mahin is surrounded by the Syrian Arab Army. The terrorists from ISIS have nowhere to go.


  6. quote
    i would like to know that once these areas are cleared
    what are the chances of the rebels retaking it?

    from today 10 Nov 13 - 11 pm
    two hours before


    Syrian Army Units have cleared dozens of Trenches, Tunnels and Caves
    constructed by Armed Takfirist gangs around the Town of "Tal Aran" in rural Aleppo,
    while other Units seized 3 IED factories and Special Engineering Units dismantled
    more than 800 explosive devices planted by Terrorists within the Town ... - J
    with more than 100 000 IED's collected meanwhile
    sponsored from the generous Saudi-Zio-Aglomerated brute
    via their totally incapable Zombie cohorts
    it is a children's play for the world best Syrian explosive experts
    conjuring up a Rosengarten securing a maximum of intruders
    begging for ferries over the Styx.

    Thanks again Ziad for holding the line.


  7. When battlefield-luck shifts, allies turn their backs!
    Let's hope this statement shows some substance:

    I wish Pres. Assad a good hand to transform these 'associates' into devoted citizens!
    This is a crucial front for interceptions into Syrian homeland and a fair ground for exercising modern secular arab socialism's best aspects.



  8. Saudi spy chief joining Israel for attack against Iran

    "Saudi Arabia's intelligence chief Prince Bandar bin Sultan is joining Israel to set the stage for a military strike against Iran over the country’s nuclear program, an analyst says."

    Much more info on the video than in the text, BTW.

    When the Americans "killed" Bin Laden, I speculated their zionazi masters had decided to openly use al ciada as asset (as opposed to covertly) and no longer needed him for pr purposes. In fact, to begin using al ciada again openly (as in Afghanistan in the 80's) would require getting the image out of the public's head that al ciada=bin Laden.

    As for the recruits, one has to wonder about how stupid one can be, knowing now Israel and their paycheck writers in Saudi Arabia are in the goat barn together. These people must be the "Muslim" version of "Christian" zionist extremists.

    вот так

  9. The Jewish mafia strikes again:

    Gunman murders Iranian official in Tehran

    "The parliamentary deputy of the Iranian Ministry of Trade, Industry and Mine has been murdered in the capital Tehran.

    Safdar Rahmatabadi was attacked by an unknown gunman while in his car in Sabalan square in eastern Tehran, IRNA reported on Sunday.

    Rahmatabadi is said to have been shot in the chest and the head at about 19:50 local time (1620 GMT).

    Police forces were present at the crime scene where an ambulance arrived for taking the body away.

    “Investigations show that two bullets were fired at the victim from inside the car,” said a police officer, adding, “Since the shells of the two bullets were found in the car, most probably the attacker had been inside the car and talking to Mr. Rahmatabadi.”

    The officer noted that there was no trace of conflict and battery at the crime scene."

    Mossad uses many sayanim and recruited/duped agents in order to run these assassination operations. These do much of the background and set-up work for these Israeli crimes. Without them, Israel's death squads would not be able to do a fraction of the terrorism, falseflags, assassinations and espionage they engage in. This is why I believe every sayanim/agent of Israel should literally be treated as a spy of a hostile nation during wartime. No matter how minor their role.

    вот так

    • Hello and Good Morning,

      crimes like this make head scratching.
      Nowadays in western politics nearly every dumb cluck
      is given its personal surveillance giving him that certain
      feeling of an upgraded status in his life after which
      he was really all his looking for.

      Anyway, there is an obvious discrepancy about such
      security aspects and the mentality to deal with in
      other countries.

      Today, where minimum security starting with surveillance
      cameras is a penny-affair,
      murder cases like that with a high ranking victim
      have always a smelling.
      Sometimes hands were just played wrong.


  10. Tsun Zu art of war says it is better to make an escape route for an enemy back up against the wall. When the day of reckoning comes for those holed up in Aleppo, where will their escape route be since Turkey has shut its doors.

  11. The funny childish lies coming from Israel and Saudi Arabia.. Pakistan 'ready to deliver nuclear weapons to Saudi Arabia'

    Denied by Khan,Hamid Gul.. But isn't this funny and revealing that Saudis and Egyptian junta (plus Turkey) are NOT afraid of Israel's nukes... Israel is a friend to them. They are afraid of

    "AQ Khan dismisses claims that Pakistan-made nuclear weapons are ready for delivery to Saudi Arabia as part of its efforts to counter Iran’s atomic programme

    But AQ Khan, who has admitted running a proliferation ring supplying secrets to Iran and Libya, said neither Pakistan nor Saudi Arabia had anything to gain – and a lot to lose by being ostracised by the international community and slapped with sanctions.

    “Saudis may be ‘camel drivers’ but not idiots,” said Dr Khan, who remains a hero to many Pakistanis.

    Pakistan’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs also dismissed the allegations as "baseless", as did General Hamid Gul, a former head of the ISI intelligence service."

  12. Le Figaro -CIA leading arms deliveries to Syrian opposition
    Sources told Malbrunot that the weapons convoys are escorted by drone aircrafts, which are guided from a CIA-led command center in Jordan.

    That's extremely important. Since the beginning I have been sure that the Yanks have been guiding their terrorist proxies (FSA, al Nusra, ISIL) directly, using not satellites but tactical drones (that's how useful Russkie air defenses are lol). There is no way that the rabid, drugged retards could have scored such gains without a direct tactical support of US spy drones. Reconnaissance is the key. They know when and whom to attack, and when to run away in panic. They are guided by drones and spy planes during battles. Moreover. Those drones are probably armed. I'm sure that the Yankee drones' firepower has been used during combat. They usually claim that "rebels" have scored some great feats, when in fact it was Yankee-Doodle commandos and direct drone strikes.
    At least two Iranian Pasdaran commanders have been killed in Syria. Maybe they used drones for the attacks.
    Syria and Iran should be careful about that. The terrorists have no way of winning anything for longer than a few days without the direct spy plane support of USA (with their firepower). You have to go first for the drones and their bases. I'm surprised they didn't do it yet. I was sure Iranians and Syrians were aware of the problem.
    Syrians have to use their own (Iranian of course, don't count on Russkies, the friends of Jews) drones for reconnaissances and take care of the Yankee, Hymie or Turkish drones flying over Syria.

    • Remember the report "Syria 'used Chinese intel to bomb' U.S. arms shipment"

      It was strange to claim that Syria used Chinese intel for that.
      Now it occurred to me that maybe those drones protecting the convoys had been hacked and bombed their own terrorists.. Such a friendly fire
      So when this kind of hacking happens, the US and Zionists media prefer to blame China or Russia and not Iran - they are afraid to give Iran the cred. So whoever that was (certainly not Russia), it was a nice incident, if true. lol

    • quote :"(that's how useful Russkie air defenses are lol). "

      Aherm.. Syrian defenses do not cover every inch of its territory.. but only its most important cities and places.
      They do have long range Sams like S-200 with 300km range but they are not designed to counter drones even it could destroy them , it will be a waste to use those defenses against attack drones that only carry very short range guided bombs. ~8km. with limited destruction capabilities. Against light attack drones like Predators ,Syria have mobile short range Sams like Pantsirs and Tor denfenses but they are not deployed every inch of territory of Syria not in the desert or Syrian borders.. this drones can be taken down with regular manpads that the Syrian ARmy have. There is nothing of revolutionary about them.. Iran capture them at every time. And they ground support is very limited. it cannot stop an advancing army unless you have many of them. The Syrian Airfore also have Migs 29 with weapons that very easily shutdown NATO "Stealth "drones and can do it from short or long distances..

      Here is a video of one drone shutdown in 2008 by Russian mig-29 .A drone given by NATO to Georgia that was spying inside Russia territory..

      Filmed from the drone point of view for greater cinematic impact .. 🙂

    • I hate to rain on your parade, but the "gains" are very minimal. And, the access to info is apparently not so reliable as the SAA has shown by knocking the living stuffing out of them in so many places. I believe the CIA is involved intimately in the carnage, but like their British counterparts, have had little impact on the battlefield. The Russian anti-aircraft systems are not going to be used unless absolutely necessary in order not to disclose technology. That comes later. Ziad

    • @"the "gains" are very minimal"

      What? Taking over all northern Syria, the western part and eastern part. Then taking big parts of Damascus..
      Those are your "minimal gains" for a "rebel force"? Are you living in reality?

      "Russian anti-aircraft systems" will be used

      @"Russian anti-aircraft systems are not going to be used unless absolutely necessary in order not to disclose technology"

      lol.. When foreign aircrafts are entering your air space to help the rebels, that would kind of mean that this is the necessity. When they bomb Damascus and other Syrian bases several times a year (that's just what's known publicly) - that would be the absolute necessity.

  13. Thank you Ziad for the report,
    when will the flood of terrorists finally end, Saudi Arabia and the west paid and filled with drugs. When finally end the suffering of the Syrians? The Google Translator helps me a lot of your reports to understand and provide an answer.
    I believe that Syria will be very strong when the Wahhabi beasts are destroyed. Syria, Iran and Russia will be the determining force in friendship throughout the Near and Middle East after the victory. The Stone Age regime Saudi Arabia will fall and with it the Zionist state robbers.
    These are two important reasons why the masterminds invest vast sums of money and are ready for any crime.
    After Syria's victory over the murderous gangs I'll put these links on my homepage.
    Long live Syria!

  14. Steven Seagal (yes the famous holywood martial art fighter /actor) interview with RT ..
    He calls CNN a propagada media and disappointed with Obama policies to wanting to Bomb Syria..


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